The Future Of Internet Browsing

All-in-One decentralized platform which replaces Browsers, Websites, Search Engines, Social Networks, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter which you own!

Search the internet in real-time for key decisions and accurate and reliable data. Create your own private home or business social network. Get paid for watching ads. Earn 100 times more compared to YouTube. Forget about spam, bots and annoying ads.

Freedom of Information


Stream content worldwide without limits.


Next-gen search engine which belongs to nobody.


Get real-time content without 3rd parties’ intervention.

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You can use uNET anywhere! Here are some common examples and use cases.

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Home & Family

Private uNETworks to store personal data and share with family and friends.

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Internet & Social Network

uNETworks allows to create own Social Network and share your content.

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Organizations & Work

Professional uNETworks for business and stream only valuable data.

How it works ?

uNET’s workflow is very simple and does not require any professional expertise.



Anybody can create a channel and start adding content immediately. uNET supports a few types of content currently: short text (tweets), long text (articles and html pages), images, videos and live streams. Every channel can collect subscribers - which can transform into a community with admin and support features. Channels can be monetized through subscriptions, donations or our revolutionary ads platform.

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When a channel creates content, it can be submitted directly to subscribers and to portals. Portals filter content based on criteria such as value, category, type, etc. Portals can change presentation layers of content, and advertise to their audience. Technically, a portal is a search engine - like Google - where portal owners narrow down content from multiple channels, validating and providing it to their viewers.

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When portals or channels publish content, subscribers are notified in real time. In addition, viewers can search content. For example, if you’re interested in a specific marketing topic, like SEO, you can find a portal which specialises in this theme and receive real-time updates. In the case of a computer retailer, managers can subscribe to a portal which provides the latest business intelligence in their niche, like tech news and updates for specific computer brands.

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Revolutionary Ads Tech Where Viewers Get Paid for Watching Ads

By default, uNET provides ad-free technology. However, channels and portals can subscribe to uNET revolutionary ads platform. The good news: viewers will get paid too!

  • 1.

    Viewers, portals and channels can customize what ads to show based on their content and target audience. No third-party algorithms!

  • 2.

    Advertisers can manage and budget ads targeted to specific channels or portal communities. Show ads to the right audience!

  • 3.

    No more annoying advertisers, spam or other unwanted content. Only quality advertisements of interest and value to their audience.

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Wow! Channels and Portals Can Add Paid Subscription Content.

All channels and portals are free by default. However, creators can offer paid subscription models for premium content, allowing them to push their limits!

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Be First

Create content which can change the world.

Be Smart

Reliable search with the most accurate results.

Be Free

Subscribe to information which works for you.

We do not own your data. You do!

uNETworks allows you to build your own private infrastructure. We never look at your data, or sell it to marketing agencies or advertisers. Build your own social uNETworks for family or business - to maximize efficiency and profitability. Create content – art, music, movies, or video blogs – and share worldwide, with no risk of getting banned or filtered.

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Onsite Hosting

Build and host onsite infrastructure in a way that works for you. No more rules or limits.

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uNET Cloud Hosting

uNET offers instant hosting solutions for any type of need. If you need help, contact us immediately.

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The Future of Internet

uNET is not just a next-gen technology. We revolutionize the internet.

  • Full personal data privacy
  • Only accurate and reliable information
  • Quality content which nobody blocks
  • No annoying ads or spam
  • Get paid for watching ads
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Let's grow uNET’s user base to 1B.


Let's get 100k reposts about uNET every day.


Let's turn uNET into the #1 network worldwide.