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Channels can be configured to sell products and services through Portal’s marketplace!

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#1 Marketplace

We use blockchain solutions in order to lower costs.

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Best Deals

uNET does not use Cookies, local storage or any other tracking mechanisms that sellers use to manipulate prices. For example, when buying airline tickets online, you’re often quoted a higher price on the second site visit. By tracking your personal data, these sites compare offers from competitor sites and customize a price. uNET is against these marketing practices.

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Low Cost

uNET uses a blockchain system to significantly cut operation costs, lowering processing fees as a result (processing feeds account for 1% of uNET’s commission, and payment system fees are in the range of 1.9% to 3.9%). In addition, we provide great management tools and a straightforward dispute system. Finally, we do not track sales activity and do not resell marketing data to competitors.

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Quality Assurance

Buyers can always expect products and services of the highest standards. Sellers can easily find the right target market. It’s very important for uNET to keep loyalty to our unique sales system, which focuses on quality, not profitability. Improve your lifestyle with uNETworks